Impact Research And Technology LLC



Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

●     Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, December 2003

       Dissertation:  A Biomechanical Assessment of Female Body Armor

●     M.S., Biomedical Engineering, May 2002

●     B.S., Chemical Engineering, December 1997



  • Research Associate in the Ballistic Laboratory at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan
  • Armor Technologies Manager for ArmorWorks Enterprises, LLC in Chandler, Arizona


Journal Publications

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Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

Close, D, Babski-Reeves, K, Carruth, D, Blackledge, C, and M Wilhelm. (2009).  Effects of Body Armor Design on Upper Body Range of Motion.  HFES 2009 Annual Meeting. 

Close, D, Babski-Reeves, K, Carruth, D, Blackledge, C, and M Wilhelm. (2009). Assessment of Body Armor Design Impacts on User Perceptions.  HFES 2009 Annual Meeting. 

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