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See Impact Research and Technology's custom snake proof suit on the Discovery Channel's Eaten Alive!  Click on our Projects tab for more information.

The snake-proof suit's armor exoskeleton has to be lightweight and withstand a constriction pressure of at least 300 psi to maintain Paul's breathing space and to protect his bones from being crushed by the giant snake. When tested, the carbon-fiber torso armor survived a pressure of well over 1000 psi without any damage whatsoever.

In the spring of 2014, Paul Rosolie contracted Impact Research and Technology LLC to design and build a custom snake-proof suit for his Discovery Channel Special Eaten Alive. The snake-proof suit would allow Paul to be attacked and swallowed by a giant green anaconda without causing harm to either him or the snake.

Rich Langner designed a multi-layered suit that provides protection against the anaconda's bite, constriction, and digestive acids, while monitoring Paul's health, supplying him with air, and keeping him cool. He also integrated cameras, lighting, and audio so the television viewer could share his experience.